TIM EVANS ENVIRONMENT is independent. It is not linked to any particular technology and although it does work for technology providers it is independent of them. Its objective is to give impartial, confidential advice to clients in order that they are able to achieve sustainable, cost-effective solutions that use the technology that is most appropriate for their particular situation.

This is based on many years’ experience of actually working with and managing a wide range of technologies for wastewater treatment, biosolids and residuals treatment, recycling, farming and other land uses.

A key principle is that solutions must comply with current (and reasonably anticipated future) legal requirements, and that this compliance should be demonstrable. On top of this the concerns and perceptions of stakeholders should be recognised. If recycling is involved there should be a market for the material being produced, and there should be due diligence and an awareness of emerging issues.

Work to date has included:-

Projects to date have been in Brazil, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Ireland, Nigeria, Slovakia, Scotland and USA.

Case Studies