The objective of TIM EVANS ENVIRONMENT is to help clients to create cost-effective solutions for organic residuals (including biosolids, food wastes and wastewaters) that are sustainable and appropriate to their needs and local situations.

TIM EVANS ENVIRONMENT has extensive experience of design, benchmarking, strategic assessment, HACCP1, quality assurance, treatment, marketing, sales, auditing and operational management within an environmental protection programme.  It has an extensive network of contacts internationally and is involved in European and British standards and with the European Commission. 

Part of its seminal experience is that of twice creating (from the ground up) and operating large biosolids recycling operations serving up to 7 million people.  The second of these was the first (in 1993) to have quality assurance (in addition to quality control).  It operated from 90 production facilities with most types of treatment. Both operations were recognised as world class and established benchmarks that others have emulated.  They were fully compliant with legal requirements, traceable, and included experimental work to quantify features, benefits and hazards.

TIM EVANS ENVIRONMENT aims to provide cost-effective, timely and innovative solutions.

1 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point