50 litre Measuring Cylinders BS EN 15238:2006

50 litre measuring cylinder kit for soil improvers and growing media as per BS EN 15238 : 20061

The construction of the kit is robust to give a long life in the conditions of a production facility and yet light enough to be convenient.  It comprises a 50 litre measuring cylinder, a filling-collar and a fall-controller all constructed in powder coated steel plus a stainless steel straight edge as required by BS EN 15238:20061.  The cylinder has 3 short legs for stability on uneven surfaces.  The complete kit weighs approx. 15 kg.

The price on application.

Availability and lead-time to delivery depend on quantities in stock at the time of ordering, lead-time should not exceed 4-6 weeks.

50 litre measuring cylinder kit

1 BS EN 15238 : 2006 Soil improvers and growing media - Determination of quantity for materials with particle size greater than 60mm